** Ruby Anniversary Show **

Sunday 22nd March 2009 - Judge Mrs Penny Carmichael "Kernebridge"

BIS Barrvale Gale, RBIS & BPIS Newlin Bailiff, BVIS Ir CH Kenzed Weaver of Bondlea JW with judge Penny Carmichael & Secretary Brian Foster.



Class 1: Minor Puppy Dog (6 entries)

1st: Newlin Bailiff   2nd: Barterhound Rocky
3rd: Fallowfield Royal Rupert
4th: Arpege Outlaw
VHC: Davricard Byron



Class 2: Puppy Dog (13 entries, 1 absent)

1st: Rossut Fluster   2nd: Fallowfield Barney
3rd: Serenaker Play the Game
4th: Redcap Englishman
VHC: Macall High Spirits



Class 3: Junior Dog (10 entries, 2 absent)

1st: Dialynne Musketeer   2nd: Fallowfield Brett at Eardley
3rd: Nictoney Bonza Boy
4th: Nedlaw Pacesetter
VHC: Rhiconich Chico



Class 4: Maiden Dog (5 entries)

1st: Newlin Bailiff   2nd: Barterhound Rocky
3rd: Fallowfield Doodle Bug
4th:Arpege Out and About
VHC: Cliffmere Nonsense



Class 5: Novice Dog (8 entries)

1st: Newlin Bailiff   2nd: Nictoney Bonza Boy
3rd: Charterwood Nomad
4th: Nedlaw Pacesetter
VHC: Newlin Anchor Chief



Class 6: Graduate Dog (8 entries)

1st:Barrvale Jack the Lad   2nd: Molesend Adrift
3rd: Millmar Secret Agent
4th: Springholme Striker
VHC: Longdalefarm Archie



Class 7: Post Graduate Dog (17 entries)

1st: Shercroft Pioneer at Summerlily   2nd: Raimex Miller at Heeplyn JW
3rd: Eardley Early Learner JW
4th: Molesend Magician at Barughreen
VHC: Nedlaw Silent Spectator



Class 8: Limit Dog (12 entries, 1 absent, 1 withdrawn)

1st: Newlin Victor of Salenko JW ShCM   2nd: Barrvale Excalibur
3rd: Janlees Harvest Home
4th: Riversong Lancer
VHC: Fallowfield Fusion of Finmorlan JW ShCM



Class 9: Open Dog (7 entries, 1 absent)

1st: CH Bayard Grafter   2nd: Bayard Garrick of Ramsayville
3rd: Rossut Sorceror
4th: Barrvale Enchanter
VHC: Rocamar Silent Witness for Ramsayville



Class 10: Veteran Dog (5 entries, 1 absent)

1st: IR CH Kenzed Weaver of Bondlea JW   2nd: Seevad High Lite
3rd: Redcap Renaissance
4th: CH Madika Nutcase


DCC & BPD Newlin Bailiff & RDCC Dialynne Musketeer



Class 11: Minor Puppy Bitch (15 entries, 1 absent, 2 withdrawn)

1st: Newlin Breeze   2nd: Davricard Daydream
3rd: Barterhound Razzle
4th: Cliffmere Pepper
VHC: Shercroft Opera by Redcap



Class 12: Puppy Bitch (21 entries, 2 absent)

1st: Redcap Out of the Ashes to Kelseva   2nd: Brydea Bojangle
3rd: Cliffmere Nettle
4th: Rossut Envy
VHC: Sabinhay Chutney



Class 13: Junior Bitch (12 entries, 1 absent)

1st: Dialynne Minx   2nd: Seiont Morwenna of Lowyck
3rd: Molesend Butterfly
4th: Newlin Zoe of Finmorlan
VHC: Barterhound Rosebud at Madika



Class 14: Maiden Bitch (15 entries, 8 absent)

1st: Newlin Breeze   2nd: Fallowfield Daisychain
3rd:Barterhound Razzle
4th: Shercroft Opera by Redcap
VHC: Butterow Linnet



Class 15: Novice Bitch (10 entries, 3 absent)

1st: Newlin Breeze   2nd: Brydea Backup
3rd: Shercroft Opera by Redcap
4th: Sabinhay Chicory
VHC: Sabinhay Chutney



Class 16: Graduate Bitch (12 entries, 1 absent)

1st: Barterhound Bouquet for Gempeni JW   2nd: Raimex Bussell
3rd: Redcap Out of the Ashes to Kelseva
4th: Rossut Allegra
VHC: Barrvale Jazz



Class 17: Post Graduate Bitch (17 entries, 6 absent)

1st: Shercroft Portrait   2nd: Serenaker Devil May Care
3rd: Craigmount Tempting Fate
4th: Haypark Amber at Raimex
VHC: Hayapark Aster



Class 18: Limit Bitch (17 entries, 3 absent)

1st: Eardley Early Opening JW   2nd: Orchidvale Angelica of Breskar ShCM
3rd: Valsacre Chamois JW
4th: Raimex Duster
VHC: Fullcry Popcorn



Class 19: Open Bitch (11 entries, 4 absent)

1st: Barrvale Gale   2nd: CH Newlin Una of Lowyck
3rd: CH Bayard Tanya
4th: Rossut Varnish
VHC: Charterwood Cameo



Class 11: Veteran Bitch (6 entries)

1st: Barterhound Tilda JW   2nd: CH & IR CH Gempeni Wildflower
3rd: Newlin Almond at Madika
4th: Sabinhay Fairmaid
VHC: Molesend Banshee


BCC Barrvale Gale, Res BCC Eardley Early Opening JW & Best Puppy Bitch Newlin Breeze



Best Breeder - Roderick's Barterhound Beagles



Junior Handling - Judge Mr Neil Stevens "Newdawn"

Best Junior Handler Charlotte Norridge (right) & Shannon Goldberg (winner of JH Class 2) with judge Neil Stevens.


Anniversary Cake pictured above


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