Sunday 21st March 2010- Judge Mrs Helen Caple


Best In Show - CH Bayard Grafter

RBIS & Best Opposite Sex: Rossut Allegra

Best Special Veteran In Show: Macall Back to Zac ShCM

Best Special Vintage & Overall Best Veteran In Show: CH Seevad High Fashion ShCM

Best Puppy In Show: Heathergrove Ivory Lace





Class 1: Minor Puppy Dog (9, 1a)

1st: Janfrey Elliott

2nd: Rossut Magnet

3rd: Redcap Man At Arms

4th: Charterwood Envoy

VHC: Brydea Botany Bay to Salenko


Class 2: Puppy Dog (12, 1a)

1st: Eardley Duncan Disorderley

2nd: Charterwood Genius

3rd: Bayard Stolen Affair

4th: Nedlaw Sunbird

VHC: Almarda Watchmaker


Class 3: Junior Dog (6, 1a)

1st: Dialynne Che Guevara

2nd: Nedlaw Scaramouch

3rd: Dialynne Numero Uno

4th: Shelbeydown's Plain N'Simple

VHC: Callidoniane Thundersnow


Class 4: Graduate Dog (4,1a)


1st: Brydea Botany Bay to Salenko

2nd: Ardvreck Caerlaverock Von Dapperdawg

3rd: Longdalefarm Archie ShCM



Class 5: Post Graduate Dog (14, 1a)

1st: Fallowfield Royal Rupert

2nd: Semeru Gadabout to Redcap (Imp Aus)

3rd: Rossut Fluster

4th: Almarda Woodcutter with Houndscroft

VHC: Davricard Byron


Class 6: Mid Limit Dog (4, 1a)


1st: Charterwood Patriot

2nd: Lyndex Tracker JW

3rd: Fallowfield Fusion of Finmorlan JW ShCM



Class 7: Limit Dog (9)

1st: Rossut Zulu of Pakowhai JW ShCM

2nd: Almarda Welsh Wizard of Houndscroft

3rd: Rhiconich Chico

4th: Eardley Early Learner JW

VHC: Newlin Victor of Salenko JW ShCM


Class 8: Open Dog (8, 3a)

1st: CH Bayard Grafter

2nd: Barrvale Excalibur

3rd: AM CH Barrister's Yankee Doodle Dandy at Fallowfield

4th: CH Janfrey Morgan

VHC: Flurries Brigand


Class 9: Veteran Dog (1)


1st: Macall Back to Zac ShCM



Class 10: Vintage Dog (3, 1a)


1st: CH Madika Nut Case

2nd: Seevad High Lite




Dog CC: CH Bayard Grafter

Reserve Dog CC : Barrvale Excalibur

Best Puppy Dog: Janfrey Elliott

Best Veteran Dog: CH Madika Nut Case




Class 11: Minor Puppy Bitch (20, 3a)

1st: Davricard Miranda

2nd: Rossut Motive

3rd: Lyndex Annabel

4th: Dialynne Madonna

VHC: Brydea Bunny Girl


Class 12: Puppy Bitch (20, 1)

1st: Heathergrove Ivory Lace

2nd: Serenaker Sunday Girl


4th: Fallowfield Destinee

VHC: Redcap Duchess


Class 13: Junior Bitch (13, 2a)

1st: Dufosee Orient Star

2nd: Annavah Ophelia

3rd: Rossut Illusion

4th: Rossut Kite of Pakowhai

VHC: Rhiconich Glenda


Class 14: Graduate Bitch (13, 2a)


1st: Redcap Out of the Ashes to Kelseva JW

2nd: Annavah Valentine

3rd: Serenaker Maggie May

4th: Rossut Kite of Pakowhai

VHC: Newlin Chalice of Molesend


Class 15: Post Graduate Bitch (15)

1st: Dufosee Ninette

2nd: Davricard Daydream

3rd: Born To Run

4th: Molesend Butterfly

VHC: Carvaha Solitaire


Class 16: Mid Limit Bitch (7, 1a)


1st: Barterhound Bouquet for Gempeni JW ShCM

2nd: Raimex Bussell JW

3rd: Fallowfield Damara at Salenko

4th: Sabinhay Chutney

VHC: Gladstyle Diamond Doll


Class 17: Limit Bitch (10, 4a)

1st: Almarda Wildspice with Houndscroft

2nd: Annavah Whimsical

3rd: Rhiconich Sherbet

4th: Roddwood Bunting

VHC: Craigmount Tempting Fate


Class 18: Open Bitch (8 entries, 3 absent)

1st: Rossut Allegra

2nd: Serenaker Devine Devil

3rd: CH Annavah Solitiare

4th: CH Bayard Tanya

VHC: Barrvale Jazz


Class 19: Veteran Bitch (4, 1a)


1st: Roddwood Willow

2nd: Rocamar Smiles At Madika ShCM

3rd: Sabinhay Fairmaid



Class 20: Vintage Bitch (2)


1st: CH Seevad High Fashion ShCM

2nd: CH & IR CH Gempeni Wildflower



Bitch CC: Rossut Allegra

Reserve Bitch CC: Serenaker Devine Devil

Best Puppy Bitch: Heathergrove Ivory Lace

Best Veteran Bitch: CH Seevad High Fashion ShCM