2013 Champ Show Results - Judge Mrs Heather Jones

BIS - CH Davricard Buttercup, RBIS CH Bayard Make Amends & BPIS: Dialynne Iconic


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Class 1: Minor Puppy Dog (10, 3 abs)

1st: Fullcry Poacher

2nd: Jarrowley Challenger

3rd: Janfrey Osborn

4th: Ardvreck Lennox

VHC: Annavah Gladiator





Class 2: Puppy Dog (7, 2 abs)

1st: Dialynne Iconic

2nd: Macall Bushman

3rd: Annavah Amadeus

4th: Dialynne Cinnaman for Rosroden

VHC: Kelseva Willy Wonka



Class 3: Junior Dog (8, 1 abs)

1st: Bondea Legion

2nd: Macall Bushman

3rd: Rhiconich Rufus

4th: Madika It's All About Me

VHC: Molesend Kaftan




Class 4: Novice Dog - (5, 3 abs)

1st: Imagewood of Blunderhall

2nd: Kelseva Willy Wonka



Class 5: Graduate Dog (5)

1st: Redcap Temperance

2nd: Bondlea Legion

3rd: Molesend Kaftan

4th: Madika It's All About Me

VHC: Raimex Gallant



Class 6: Post Graduate Dog (2, 1 abs)

1st: Madika It's All About Me




Class 7: Mid Limit Dog (4, 1 abs)

1st: Jarrowley Dashwood

2nd: Koorbrats Watchful

3rd: Kelseva Greatest Day




Class 8: Limit Dog (5)

1st: Tungri Pioneer

2nd: Annavah Keeper

3rd: Tannahill Black Jack

4th: Gladstyle Rock Solid

VHC: Rhiconich Kyle



Class 9: Open Dog (7)

1st: Redcap Trumpet Major for Summerlily RCC

2nd: Janfrey Elliott

3rd: Shercroft Flinders JW ShCM

4th: Fallowfield Royal Richard

VHC: Charterwood Envoy




Class 10: Veteran Dog (4)

1st: CH Bayard Grafter CC

2nd: CH & IR CH Bondlea Fable JW

3rd: Macall Back to Zac ShCM

4th: Jarrowley Cedar









Class 11: Minor Puppy Bitch (19, 5 abs)

1st: Dufosee Louisa with Vigor

2nd: Dialynne Electra

3rd: Redcap Kelseva Truly Scrumptious

4th: Summerlily Raggy Doll

VHC: Macall Miss Marni




Class 12: Puppy Bitch (14, 3 abs)

1st: Annavah Alpine

2nd: Charterwood Goldust

3rd: Roddwood Melody

4th: Stormpasture Trump Hand

VHC: Bayard Clementine




Class 13: Junior Bitch (7, 2 abs)

1st: CH Davricard Martina

2nd: Dialynne Naevia

3rd: Molesend Kashmir

4th: Gempeni Flower Girl

VHC: Raimex Gossip



Class 14: Novice Bitch (18, 4 abs)

1st: Clairdale Willomena

2nd: Summerlily Raggy Doll

3rd: Stormpasture Trump Card Over Detrick

4th: Bayard Summer Time

VHC: Roddwood Melody





Class 15: Graduate Bitch (11, 3 abs)

1st: Serenaker Sogni D'oro

2nd: Newlin Iona

3rd: Rossut Betony

4th: Rundle Tiramisu

VHC: Molesend Kashmir




Class 16: Post Graduate Bitch (11, 5 abs)

1st: Serenaker Sogni D'oro

2nd: Clairdale Willomena

3rd: Hayapark Cowslip

4th: Merrilyn Feelin Groovy

VHC: Harropine Showtime



Class 17: Mid Limit Bitch (9, 2 abs)

1st: Summerlily Secret Service

2nd: Shercroft Duchess JW

3rd: Newlin Iona

4th: Charterwood Catherine

VHC: Marysangels Misty Rose with Rosroden



Class 18: Limit Bitch (10, 3 abs)

1st: Annavah Katrina

2nd: Brigam Lace Stockings of Breskar

3rd: Newdawn Sonnet for Redcap

4th: Tannahill Jet Black

VHC: Rhiconich Netherbank Bella Rose




Class 19: Open Bitch (15, 1 abs)

1st: CH Davricard Buttercup CC

2nd: CH Bayard Make Amends RCC

3rd: Dialynne Letita

4th: CH Annavah Ginny

VHC: Ardvreck Ismelia




Class 20: Veteran Bitch (4, 1 abs)

1st: Macall New Sensation ShCM

2nd: Sabinhay Fairmaid at Fairleedale

3rd: Orchidvale Angelica of Breskar ShCM

4th: Rocamar Smiles at Madika ShCM